Our Story

We understand that our clothing choices impact the planet. That’s why our creations are led by thoughtful fabrics and grounded by our love of design.

Shalini Narang brings to you handcrafted clothing inspired by artistry that puts pure love and attention to each detail that goes into making a piece. Our focus is on organic and long-lasting fashion.

We concentrate on sourcing right from the weavers in a bid to empower them. By working directly with them, we ensure they receive a fair price, and you get the quality you deserve.

Mass-production or disposable fashion isn’t even in our vocabulary. Through in-house karigars, tailors and masters, we create sustainable fashion – clothes that last longer than a season, and you crave to wear again and again.

Moving beyond ethical fashion and thoughtful consumption, our mission is to design soft, breathable attires that become treasured part of your wardrobe. With exquisite fabric and flattering cuts shaped by contemporary vintage style, our bold and elegant pieces transcend day, night, size, age, shape or occasion.

Inclusive and empowering, we promise to make you feel beautiful and comfortable all the time. Drawn to delicate materials and effortless, feminine silhouettes, everything we fabricate celebrates your form. Our commitment is being Earth-first. We make choices where the planet and its people come first, always.